Make-up Artist

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Kelly Belmonte began long ago as a child poised in front of the mirror. Her love of make-up went from passion to obsession to obsession when she began to steal it from the 5 & Dime in her small Ohio town, only to practice on a piece of paper! To blend! To create! Then one day she was busted and her passion was put on the back burner.
In high school she worked on plays, musicals and even haunted houses (where she began to learn prosthetics and all the "fun" make-up) just to satisfy her cravings for the fantasy life. Her love of production was born. Kelly graduated from high school with the same ambitions that she started with and moved to Las Vegas in 1988 just to pursue that dream. In 1996, she began working professionally. From there, Kelly has developed a long list of clientele. She works on everything from movies, to television and print. Kelly excels at beauty, high fashion, airbrushing, body paint, corporate events, ethnic skin tones, and even that "no make up" look. Kelly is one of those rare, lucky people that had a dream as a kid and is living that dream today.


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